In relation to the recovery of secured goods, Access Mercantile is involved with the giving of advice on all aspects of recovery cases, realisation of the Asset, Diligence and Compliance.

Having taken all reasonable steps to collect overdue debts Access Mercantile will contact our client to approve asset repossession.

Access Mercantile Agents maintain the highest standards of professionalism during this process and we do not engage in unacceptable conduct such as intimidation, trespass or harassment.

Our client’s brand and integrity is Access Mercantile’s primary focus.

Once the asset has been repossessed the agent takes several digital photos of the asset and completes a comprehensive condition report. These will be forwarded with our final report to your office or can be viewed on our website.

We can also arrange to have the towing bill paid on your behalf (this will then be added to our overall invoice upon completion) and have the asset delivered to the storage facility of your choice.


Access Mercantile recognises the importance and value of your company’s good name and reputation.

That is why Access Mercantile’s approach to debt collection is firm but professional. A specialist in debt collection since 1990, Access Mercantile relies upon substantial industry experience and proven techniques and systems to effectively negotiate delinquent accounts.

Inline with our client’s instructions Access Mercantile agents collect certified funds. These funds are deposited into our trust account on the same day or earliest time the following business day if collected outside banking hours.

Your customer is given a receipt for funds collected.

Funds will be receipted to you electronically and transferred to your account the day it appears on Access Mercantile’s bank statement. This ensures Access Mercantile clients only receive cleared funds.


Using our expertise and years of experience within the industry, Access Mercantile will analyse the situation and recommend the best strategy for recovering overdue debts.

This may be a discreet approach where you don’t want a longstanding business relationship jeopardised by a single debt, or a more aggressive programme for a relationship that requires immediate attention.

Having a national agent base, field calls can be an efficient and cost effective way to update your customers details or simply verify additional information.

Working within our clients instructions Access Mercantile field agents will:

  • Verify all current contact details
  • Obtain and update current residential and employment details
  • Determine reason for non payment
  • Establish an acceptable payment arrangement schedule
  • Provide a detailed condition report of your security including Photographs, current registration and insurance details (if required)


Prior to settling a new loan we will on your behalf inspect the goods / equipment you are considering to finance to make sure a) they exist, b) the goods / equipment is in a good working condition and c) the serial numbers provided by you make the goods / equipment being inspected.

The process involves physically attending to inspect and photograph your potential security. At the end of the process a comprehensive inspection report and photographs will be provided to your office.

This service is a safety net and gives you peace of mind that the money you are about to lend is actually being utilised for the correct purpose and your security actually exists.